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liveBrilliance for Educators      October 2- Nov 12   PROGRAM FULL



liveBrilliance Parenting: Baby’s First 4 Years                 will be held in Conshohocken this spring

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Big thanks to the attendees, volunteers, speakers and partners who made the

liveBrilliance Conference an amazing success!

In our wildest dreams we never imagined having responses like these:

liveBrilliance changed my life!”

Two days after liveBrilliance I went to a dreaded meeting with a difficult colleague.  

After the meeting I called Suzette to tell her how proud I was of the way I handled the communication.  

Thank you so much.”

The conference will changed the way I will teach forever.

We sincerely appreciate the gratitude and accolades.  To all attendees….it’s YOU who’s making the difference.

I am thankful for my blessings and yours every day,




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liveBrilliance On-Site Programs  AVAILABLE! 

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  Understand the brain/body changes 



By the end of the program….you can see amplified change in your life


They say “average”  humans use about 10% of their brains, after liveBrilliance you will believe it.    

For some it’s helpful.

 For others it’s  game-changing.


Let’s go there….

The program  was designed to make your brain thirsty and your heart sing. 


liveBrilliance Annual Conference Sponsored by:


Penn Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Health SystemThe Huffington Post MOM's Organic Market

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We invite you to participate.