5 Day Retreat

Re-set 2021 Capture Life

Re-Set:  2021.  Mindfulness Retreat at the Beach                        

What is it about the beach, the rhythm of the ocean waves, the gentleness of sparkling bay waters, the sun, and the aromas?  What is it that appeals to our senses and sense of well being that calms us and helps us to re-set?

During this 5 day experience, we will retreat to beachfront serenity, re-new, refresh and settle. 

 We will be off the grid absorbing the beauty and glory of the seaside.  During the program, we will engage in periods of silence and guided meditation practice interspersed with group dialogue, informal talks and movement.   Beyond roles, preoccupations and responsibilities, it’s a sliver of time at the beach to allow your authentic self to shine in warmth, safety and gentleness.  

The 5 Day Retreat includes:  snuggle in comfy accommodations, meals w warm hearty soups, comforting grains, flavorful dishes,  snacks, meditations, walking, gentle yoga, discussion sessions.  For details CLICK HERE.




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$1000/participant includes:  Retreat Program, Accomodations, Meals

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