liveBrilliance:  Sessions for Workplaces, Schools and Universities




Work like a Californian

          Programs On-Site at Work

          Up to 1 Hour                                   $  200

          3 Hour Workshop                           $  500

          Full Day Retreat Facilitation           $1000 

          Quotes can be provided for Customized Programs




Use MORE of your Brain:  Students K-12

          Student Assemblies (under 1 hour)   $ 300

          Individual Group/Class Sessions       $1000/day

          Arts and Music Centered Sessions   $1000/day

          Athletic Sessions (under 1 hour)       $  200

           Scheduled On-Site at Schools or Organizations


Popular topics include:  Use MORE of your Brain, Mind over Matter, Dealing with Obnoxious People, School Stresses Me Out!


MBSR in the Classroom

2 hour Session for Teachers                        $  500

1 Day Retreat for Teachers                          $1000

Scheduled On-Site at Schools


We Are Fam-i-ly 

Community Organization Program            $ 200

Spark Pride in the Community                  

Scheduled On-Site at Schools, Churches or Organizations