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Will this program relate to me?

Yes, the program is designed to help you see that you can let go of unproductive habits and reactions in a world that is rarely unplugged.   If you are considering a program that’s directed towards helping a particular group and aren’t sure if you’re a good fit, contact us.  Our speakers and program facilitators bring a fresh look at stress and the barriers we face.  They are invited to share their own experience on how to optimize mindfulness to reduce stress, increase creativity and mental acuity.  The more you want to succeed and be happy, the more you are encouraged to attend.  

Everyone is encouraged to take what they learn home with them.   Our conversations and topics are life-changing. They attract curious minds.      


Can I  benefit personally  if I don’t teach or work in an office?

Let’s put it this way, if you have stress in your life, you will benefit.  Work isn’t the only stress.  Our personal lives can be just as crazy.  We will discover ways mindfulness can change our brain, change the way we relate to others and relate differently to our own thoughts and emotions. Take a breather.  It’s your time to give to yourself.  Contact us.


Can we hold our own Group Retreat with a Facilitator?

Yes! We proudly offer Retreat Faciliation!  Retreats can be quite beneficial.  Many of our retreats are held beachfront in New Jersey. Contact us for details.


 Can I do a Silent Meditation Retreat without a Group?

Yes, contact us to find out when silent retreats will be held.  If we don’t offer one when you want it, we will direct you to other sources.  The University of Pennsylvania, Jefferson and others typically host retreats a couple of times per year.




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