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liveBrilliance for Students

Giving our brains a break (and a workout)

Sports icons, medical schools and billionaires all practice mindfulness. Where do our children stand?  

liveBrilliance for Students was designed to conform to class or practice schedules during busy school days.  A Social Studies class can become a session on social peace.  A Health Class can become neuroscience 101.  Athletic practices will change forever.  Ages 3-100 welcome.

$500   (grants available for programs serving at-risk youth)

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Social Studies/Social Peace

Academic class typically integrated into Social Sciences.  Students welcome it to learn what TO do to:

Erase Bullying

Reduce Stress and Social Pressure

Enhance Peaceful Conflict Resolution

Facilitate Healthier Envrionments 


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Health and Wellness

Academic class typically integrated into Health. Students it find helpful:

Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety (before a big test and other times)

Ways to Focus more Clearly

How to Deal with Difficult People 

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Session integrated into the practice schedule.  Teams it find helpful:

To “Stay in the Game”

Ways to Get Out of the Head and Play with Heart

How to Shake It Off and Focus

They say sports are 90% mental.  Has your team hosted this program yet?

(Photo:  Shaquille O’Neal, LA Lakers)