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1-2 Hour Workshop to explore MBSR

1 – 2 Hour Workshop for adults to explore mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) 

  • Physiological effects of stress and mindfulness on humans                                 
  • Ways to combat stress and lack of focus                                      
  • How mindfulness can help us as leaders, parents and good human beings                                                                                                                   


Possibilities truly exist to break habits, improve communication and focus more clearly even when days are full of distractions.

Advanced Workplace Sessions

Options from 2 Hour Workshops to 5 Day Retreats

Communicating without Stress

Mindful Leadership

$500   (for 2 hour session)                 

Results: In most companies, anticipated results include:  making better choices as individuals and teams, communicating better, working better together, shedding old habits and peacefully synthesizing desirable environments.                                                                                                 

Schedule a Session at work,  at our office in King of Prussia, PA or a retreat location beachfront in New Jersey.                              

The Trailblazers


Why do sports icons, medical schools and billionaires embrace mindfulness?

Because they’ve learned it helps train the mind and body to react better to challenging situations, communicate and focus more clearly, and improve health and wellness.


 Many agree….life depends on it.