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“As a teacher, everyone thinks my stress is in the classroom.  It’s not.  I love being with kids.  It’s the adults that drive me nutty.”


liveBrilliance changed my life!” 


Two days after the session I went to a dreaded meeting with a difficult colleague.  

After the meeting I called Suzette to tell her how proud I was of the way the communication went.  

Thank you so much.”


The program changed the way I will teach forever.


 “This was a gift.  Our full management team needs to meet Suzette.”



“I learned meditation a few years ago so I could relax.  This helped me learn how to live (brilliance!)”


“As a teacher I was curious to find ways to help my students.  Their days are non-stop.  20-30 min for lunch.  It was good for me too.”





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